The Future: Innovations in Czech Republic

The Government Research, Development and Innovation Council were inspired by similar sized countries, such as the Switzerland. An example of the collaboration involves a medical prostheses company which uses 3D printing technology for babies who are born with misshapen heads, with helmets designed to breathable and comfortable, using IT4Innovation’s supercomputer to calculate the shape, ramping-up production into the north American market. We are facing a tough job, as the Innovation Strategy consists of pillars including the background, followed by objectives and legislative nature, so once the strategy is approved, a detailed plan will be prepared, which will be updated and reviewed by the Council. The Council for Research, Development and Innovation approved the new Strategy for the years 2019 to 2030, after the RVVI drafted the strategy with a team of scientists and government officials, aiming to ensure that the Czech Republic is amongst the most innovative countries by 2030 through rebranding under the moniker.


The number of people employed in R&D has grown and an extensive infrastructure of scientific centers has been built in recent years, such as ELI or IT4Innovations, with partnerships and excellent scientists via their networks, even though creativity has long been a hallmark of the Czech Republic and this is the country that invented the robot. The Czech Republic wants to approve a key document prepared by the RD&I Council, in close cooperation with entrepreneurs and academics of the public administration, setting out new priorities which should put the Czech Republic among the most innovative countries by 2030 through the introduction of a new brand. The innate inventiveness made it what it is nowadays, as the country had been noted for its skilled people with grounding in sciences.

It is possible to accelerate computations, so if some company needs to do large computations they can do it using supercomputers, which is very important when they develop new product, as it is fast. Poland and southern European countries invest less, but there is a need for development of spin-off companies, as the Czech Republic is now dependent on the automotive industry that will deal with the development of solutions, another pillar of the strategy. Is definitely worth a try moving to this country for a while, as you might have the time of your life, if you are involved in innovation development or projects. If you have just moved in Czech Republic, you ought to know that praha escorts can be excellent companies for those who want to know all the important locations for events in innovation. You will be able to hire a beautiful escort, as they are charming and very welcoming.


The Innovation Strategy conference was concentrated on an extraordinary knowledge potential, and the meet of the strictest criteria, as we are at a time when we are one of the most stable economies, our businesses are achieving results, and gaining respect. The strategy consists of nine chapters, putting an emphasis on research funding and evaluation in terms of spending on science, as it is currently behind the European average.

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