How to Introduce a New Company as an Owner

Introductions are a useful marketing or public relations program. Those who are just starting their journeys face additional challenges, and one of the biggest ones is that they have little brand recognition and offer a product which might be difficult to explain, so a foray into marketing has to be considered, as well as some tried-and-true techniques which are more creative, in order to identify their audience before they take any step. If you’ve ever heard that you’re not growing in reference to business, it’s probably true, as retaining customers is the key to success, and even though loyal customers are great, you need new blood to keep on an upward slope, so go about introducing the business even if all of your ideas have dried up.


A supercomputing centre is helping firms to accelerate innovation in custom-made prostheses, and the IT4Innovations centre houses a machine with the power of 13,000 laptops that helps commercial companies to bring their development problems into the world of supercomputing, trying to help by showing them how to adopt technologies for their businesses and providing them experience for their businesses. The supercomputer is made of 1,009 powerful computers, and the centre’s Scientific Director explains that it is great for start-ups. Even if you have an excellent service, it is useless if you only cater to an existing audience, as people don’t know what they want, as seen in the smart phones industry, where few people could have predicted the popularity, so you must understand who your product will be marketed toward for relevant marketing campaigns, while you analyze accordingly.

A lot of it has to do with the basics: as an entrepreneur, no one can remember every need and conversation; therefore a Customer Relationship Management system should help keep track of customers, as it is easy to use for storing notes on the customer, alerts and tracking history, integrating smoothly with your sales or tracking systems. 90 per cent of startups fail and that’s a fact you have to face, so even if you make a cohesive plan, plans are prone to failure by the time they are supposed to come into fruition. So what happens when a customer asks to get in touch?


An introductory business letter can make a good impression with a prospect, so if you want to introduce your business shift the focus, engaging his interest, rather than having a lecture: open with a sentence that establishes a reason to keep reading, in terms that matter to whom you’re writing, and refer to a previous acquaintance, letting him know what you can do by explaining your offering rather than reciting features. Keep sentences short and limit the length, in order to make a clear point, whether you want to say that you’ll be calling, set an appointment, or announce a good deal, and don’t forget to proofread and read the letter, double checking the recipient’s address, before you sign your letter, as a personally worded letter on good stationery can make an impression.

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